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What conversation skill do you still need to work on improving?
13 Answers
your own points of views by recognizing when others have made their points so you’re not interrupting them

not being afraid to share your viewpoint from your unique perspective

the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another by taking their perspective

in a respectful way while providing benefit of the doubt to others

the ability to listen, pay attention and be fully in the moment by not being distracted by your thoughts or your surroundings

the ability to express interest in and ask questions about what’s going on in the lives of the people in the conversation

sensing the right time to lighten up a moment and being able to be silly with others

not dominating
the discussion by paying attention to how long you take to make a point

being mindful about the amount of positivity or negativity that you are contributing

volume level
speak so that the person sitting the farthest away from you can still hear you

maintaining eye contact
to show that you are giving someone your attention and presence

smartphone etiquette
being able to prevent your phone from distracting the conversation by beeping or by you constantly using it

joining conversations in progress
Slightly different from interjecting in a conversation circle I am already in. More like.... if I hear a super interesting conversation under way, how do I gracefully join?
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