Friendship Bootcamp - upgrade your social life.
Inspired by the hit series Queer Eye, Friendship Bootcamp showcases the highs and lows involved with finding friends in our modern times.
The stakes have never been higher. Having good friends in your life can make the difference between experiencing joy and belonging to a spiral of despair, depression, and even suicide.
We are currently looking for an agent and production company to pitch our show to Netflix and other TV networks.
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A Word from Our Producer, Glen Brauer
It is no secret that there's a loneliness epidemic taking place in many major cities around the world.

So why is it that some people are better at making meaningful friendships than others?

Over the past five years I've interviewed many people about the current state of friendship in modern society for a documentary that I've been developing. It soon became clear to me that I wanted to be a part of the solution instead of just documenting the problem.

The one thing that became clear during my interviews was that there are reliable steps that anyone can take in order to develop the kinds of friendships they want and need in their lives.

After being inspired by the TV series Queer Eye, I was compelled to seek out those who help people with their friendship challenges on a daily basis. After many interviews, I came across five amazing counsellors who shared my vision of an inspiring TV series designed to demystify the friendship process and change people's lives.
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