Frequently asked questions:

Why was PlanMaster created?

In our busy modern lives it's become much more difficult to plan social events with our friends. PlanMaster is one solution to make this easier.

How is PlanMaster different from other scheduling tools?

Most scheduling tools put the onus on one person to be the organizer which can be intimidating to some people. We make it possible to send someone a plan and for someone else to suggest the location and some potential dates. You can also send out a date poll to find the best date that works for everyone. We also believe that it's important to allow users to share plans in order to inspire and motivate each other.

Will my plans be sharable to others?

No, not unless you encourage us to include your plan in our default or shared plans. Feel free to contact me (Glen) at

How is PlanMaster different than scheduling an event with Facebook?

Facebook requires one person to provide the what, where and when for an event with no suggestions or tips provided. PlanMaster provide many default plans as well as plans created by others that you can reuse. You can also send out a date poll instead of just hoping that everyone can make it that one date that you would select with Facebook.

How is PlanMaster different than Meetup?

Meetup lets you schedule public events with a monthly subscription fee whereas PlanMaster lets you schedule private events for free. There is no inherent trust when meeting someone at a Meetup event whereas everyone you meet at a PlanMaster event has been vouched for by someone you know.

I love the idea of planning a potluck but I've mostly lost touch with my friends - any suggestions?

We strongly encourage you to check out the The Meaningful Discussions Project events which take place in many cities around the world. If a group doesn't exist in your city then you can always become a local host for your city.

Glen Brauer
Founder & Lead Developer
PlanMaster & Meaningful Discussions