Confidence and Self-esteem
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How have you been able to boost your confidence and self-esteem?
11 Answers
exercising on a regular basis
also helps to improve my self-worth

being part of an organization where I feel valued and where I can make a difference
either for work or in a volunteer capacity

not caring so much what others think of me

being assertive and standing up for myself

I’ve faced my fears and started solving my own problems
I’m much more capable than I knew

setting goals and accomplishing them

listing at least five things that I'm good at
including skills, abilities, talents, etc.

listing at least five things that I like or love about myself

monitoring my progress with my goals
breaking up my larger goals into smaller ones to make them less intimidating

taking inventory of my biggest accomplishments in my life
and I keep that list handy when I need a boost of confidence

taking risks in life
surprising myself on just how much I can accomplish even if the journey isn't easy
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Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet some potential friends.