Deepening Your Friendships
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Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet potential friends
What tip would you give others to help them deepen their friendships?
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Dare to manifest who you are and what you feel
Despite the fear of rejection, have the courage to express who you are and what you think. This builds connection and closeness.

develop your confidence and self-esteem as much as possible
this will allow you to be more open and vulnerable without being too needy

pick a few of your friends to have deeper conversations with
this allow you to see which of your friends is willing and able to discuss deeper topics with you, and you won't be relying on one friend as your only 'deep' friend

put yourself in environments which are not too noisy or distracting
i.e. if you planned on meeting up at a certain venue but it turns out to be noisy, it will likely be worth it to go somewhere else if you want to try to have a deeper conversation

make the first move to initiate a deeper subject matter
don't wait for your friend to start a deeper conversation topic with you, you may be waiting a long time

learn to trust your friends with your hopes, dreams, fears and your history
the more you are willing and able to share with others, the more they will understand you, and the more likely they will be to open up to you

learn to be more honest with your friends
about things they do that prevent you from being closer friends i.e. they may dominate the conversation without realizing it

be honest with your friends about how often you would like to see them
this will allow you to establish a regular frequency of contact which will make you feel more comfortable opening up with each other
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You are born into your family tree, but your buddytree is yours to create.
Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet some potential friends.