The Friendship Audition Process
Organizer Advice
Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet potential friends
What tips can you share about turning a potential friend into an actual friend?
4 Answers
don't rush the process
because it's much harder to remove a friend than to add one

notice any 'red flags' and how frequently they surface
this may be an early sign that the friendship fit is not a good one and is likely not one that you should develop further

make sure that you respect them as a person BEFORE officially considering them a friend
this involves discussing core values and beliefs, and ideally you would share some of them as well

make sure that you look forward to hanging out with them
and you're not just meeting up out of guilt or obligation
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What's the plan?
keep it short - i.e. Let's meet up for drinks
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You are born into your family tree, but your buddytree is yours to create.
Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet some potential friends.