Friendship Break-ups
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What tip can you share when it comes to friendship break-ups?
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don’t blame yourself
even though it's tempting to second-guess decisions you've made

give yourself time to grieve this loss
there is no quick-fix for filling that space in your life that a good friend has been for you

think about the great qualities you've found in this person which also exist in others you will meet
treat that friendship as a learning experience which informed you of the kinds of qualities that you really value in a friend

take the time to write a letter to your friend
even if you never send it, you will have a chance to express any thoughts or feelings that you may have not had a chance to say to your friend which will help bring you closure

confide in another close friend
about your feelings of loss and look to them for support

do your best to establish a few close friends
that way, when you lose a friend, it doesn't hit you as hard since you didn't put all your eggs in one basket as it were

don't wait too long to end a friendship if it's not working out for you
the longer you wait, the harder it is to remove a friend from your life
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