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Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet potential friends
What made you become an organizer when it comes to planning activities with your friends?
7 Answers
I believe that I'm responsible for my happiness, and so if it's going to be, it's up to me! :)

I was just tired of waiting for others to take the initiative
and every time I organize something it gets easier and I have more confidence

I realized that it's so much easier when you have a co-host or a co-organizer instead of doing it all yourself

when you meet amazing people, that incentivizes you to want to take the initiative to see them on a regular basis!

I love the process of introducing my friends to each other and building a community of friends around me

I realized after seeing some of my other friends organize activities that it can be pretty easy to do

I never want to look back on my life some day and have regrets that I didn't try harder to have a great social life
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You are born into your family tree, but your buddytree is yours to create.
Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet some potential friends.