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What are you doing to improve your personal brand?
10 Answers
I try my best not to dominate conversations
and to consciously find the right balance of speaking and listening

I try to remember to express my gratitude to organizers of events that I attend
which also influences their decisions to invite me back to their future events

when I say I'm going to show up, I actually show up
(I do my best not to be a no-show)

I try to be more mindful about the amount of positivity or negativity that I contribute to conversations

I've improved my pictures in my online profiles to show my smiling face

I respond to invitations as soon as I can
since I respect that the organizer makes the effort to organize events that include me

I make more of an effort to arrive on time
out of respect for the organizer and other attendees

I try to be more open to other points of view

I try to be more conscious of my body language
to let people know that I'm listening to them and engaged in what they are saying

I try to be more conscious of how I dress
with regards to being comfortable AND appropriate to the occasion
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