Tracking Your Emotions
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What has been the most effective way for you to track how your emotions change over time?
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I try my best to identify what I have control over to change and what I don't

using the worksheet for this section of the bootcamp
it's so simple but it works for me

Using an emotions' tracking list could be helpful to monitor positive and negative emotions, its frequency and intensity.
The "Non Violent Communication Model" from Marshal Rosenberg is an excellent tool in this respect.
Gaming analytics applied to Life Hacking. Developed for chronic illness & concussion recovery, the system can be tailored towards other uses as well.

I ask for feedback from others in my life who have an objective perspective on my reactions

I use a journal with the help of a list of emotions to comment on my emotions and how I am feeling.
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Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet some potential friends.