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What tips can you share on how others can safely stay in touch with their friends during the pandemic?
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reduce your anxiety by researching what the current safety recommendations are for your city

organize picnics in parks with social distancing
We used to meet up for potlucks once a month before the pandemic, but now we're meeting up in a park every two weeks. We usually have around 12 people with social distancing, and we usually play bocce ball or croquet.

organize phone calls
Since the pandemic began, I've had more conversations using my phone than I've had in years. I also get tired of looking at the screen especially since I'm already looking at it so long for my work, so phone calls give my eyes a break! :)

organize one-on-one hangouts in parks
We each bring a folding chair as well as something to eat and drink. Even though we're social distancing, it's so great to be able to meet up face-to-face!

organize video chats
Zoom seems to work the best but Skype is good also.Often it's hard for a large group to all catch up on a video call, so I use Zoom breakout rooms for smaller groups of 5 or 6 people.
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