Managing Your Expectations
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What tip can you share to help manage expectations about friendships?
13 Answers
expecting my friends to always believe what I think is correct, or the right way to think
This tendency doesn't build respect, connection and acceptance. It is actually the source of conflict between people, groups and even nations.

expecting to find a 'best friend'
Instead of trying to find one best friend I try to diversify my 'friendship portfolio' by having several friends in my life who I do different kinds of activities with.

expecting my friends to always agree with me
I'm trying to be more open to opinions that are different from my own instead of just trying to convince my friends of my point of view.

expecting my friends to be available on short notice
I'm trying to be more accommodating to friends who are not able to meet up spontaneously on short notice.

expecting my friends to know what I need when I haven't communicated it

expecting my friends to enjoy the same activities as I do

expecting that your friends will never hurt you
Friends are imperfect people just like everyone and, as such, will make mistakes, or simply feel differently about things, which can lead to hurt feelings. It is much healthier to accept that being able to reach out to our friends when they hurt us and giving them the chance to understand us is a much more reasonable expectation.
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