Your Friendship History
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What thoughts or feelings often come to mind when you think of your friendship history?
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I treat my friendship history as a learning experience but I don't dwell on it
and I've decided to make a new fresh start with new friendships moving forward

I didn’t have problems making new friends when I was younger

I still feel regret about ending certain friendships

I feel proud about the friendships that I've had in my life

I still carry some resentment of friends who have decided to not be friends with me

I sometimes worry that I'll never have the kinds of friends that I used to have

instability and misconceptions
I have had long relationships with friends but I feel I don't give enough time for them because of my unstable behavior and sometimes misjudge friends based on their actions. I have times when I disconnect with friends for years and again try to reconnect. Completely unfaithful.

I feel sorry that certain friendships I had in the past didn't work out well and hope for better more satisfying friendships in the future

I was usually the shy person who found it difficult making new friends

I can only rely on my oldest friends
Over the years I have made and lost so many friend groups. These friendships have been lost as a result of a romantic breakup (when the friends think they must choose a side like when a couple divorces) or a life change such as a serious illness (when who you think were your friends just don’t show up to help or support) or change of job status (I am no longer the big wig I was yesterday) and I have to start all over again. It has been hard to release those resentments of friends lost.

I haven't always been explicit about my expectations and this has led to disappointment
I've found that some of the friends I've made as an adult have been more superficial. There isn't a lot of depth on many topics, and that has been disappointing. On reflection, more of my friends made as an adult were more activity partners than anything else.

some friendships needed to end because they were unhealthy

trust is very important to me and that was broken in three of the friendships that I've ended
I wish I'd been more open about my feelings with some friends earlier on when I was feeling hurt rather than bottling it up to the point where I ended things. We don't know what we don't know....I no longer make assumptions and I am now comfortable in having dialogue with friends if something doesn't seem right.

I’ve often found it easy to make acquaintances, but very difficult to develop true friendships
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