Organizing Small Group Activities
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Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet potential friends
What tip can you share for organizing activities with small groups of friends?
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be excited about whatever activity you're planning
your enthusiasm is your FUEL which drives the planning process

whenever possible, establish a co-organizer or co-host for the activity
find one friend who is just as much into the idea as you are, then discuss together how you can make it happen

invite only friends who are enthusiastic about your idea
you can send out an email asking what people's level of interest is in the idea before you actually start to plan it - that way you know who's interested before you start planning the details

only invite people who are available to hang out
inviting super-busy people will slow down the planning process to a grinding halt

unless it's an event which only happens on one specific day - use a date poll
this allows you to find the best day and time that works for the most people - send out at least six dates to choose from (use PlanMaster or another tool to do this)

make sure you have time to bond with each other
i.e. if you're watching a movie together, make sure that you have time to chat before or after the movie

experiment with different combinations of friends
it's also good to ask your friends which of your common friends they'd like to see more often

experiment with different types of activities you can do together
while you're with your friends, ask them what other kinds of activities they would be interested in doing together - more VARIETY creates new experiences, more opportunities to bond, and more shared memories :)
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keep it short - i.e. Let's meet up for drinks
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Attend a Buddytree hangout to meet some potential friends.